Shining Minds Project is non-profit with roots in mental health, suicide awareness, and childhood abuse. Our work is founded on the belief that suicide is preventable and that early education, communication, and action are essential to prevention.

We don’t want the conversation about mental health to start after suicide; we want the conversation to begin long before mental health issues ever begin. Our goal is to create a powerful movement that empowers teens to take control of their mental health and wellness.

Our organization hopes to establish a youth-directed peer-education program with a focus on educating middle and high school students about mental illness, early warning signs, and where to seek help and support. Our peer-education model draws on the credibility that young people have with their peers and will put a new spin on preventive measures.

Teaching teens how to cultivate a healthy mindset and allowing them to safely engage with their peers is the cornerstone of our mission.

By equipping every teen with the right tools, we know we can save lives.


The power of "why"

In the spring of 2018, we lost our beloved daughter, sister, cousin, and best friend to suicide. We realized that, while there are many wonderful non-profits addressing the issues surrounding mental health and suicide, there aren’t many organizations dedicated to early education and prevention.

That is our focus: Prevention



By establishing a youth-directed peer-education program with a focus on educating middle and high school students we can change the conversation about mental illness, teach them to recognize early warning signs in themselves and others, and properly communicate where and how to seek help and support.

We are also intent on changing legislation in order to better protect people from cyberbullying and harassment, which can lead to ongoing mental health issues.